Working With Us

“Landesberg’s team has helped National Fish and Wildlife Foundation establish consistently high design standards for our publications and website. Over the course of our four-year relationship, they’ve been brilliant, responsive, genial partners who took the time to understand the complexity of our work. In every project, they’ve presented our story with verve and clarity. All superlatives apply. Landesberg is simply the best.”

Carol Denny
Senior Manager, Publications
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

“When we decided that Dickinson Magazine needed a new look and vitality, Landesberg Design was a natural yet strategic choice. Rick’s team brought an expansive sense of possibility and playfulness to the redesign process, and, from the very beginning, they ‘got’ Dickinson. Their creative ethos is about much more than developing an award-winning publication — there is a shared sense of purpose and desired outcome. And the results are remarkable.”

Stephanie Balmer
Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications
Dickinson College

“Partnership: that is what it is all about. I don’t want a firm to tell me how I should position my institution. I want a partner to work with me to figure out how we move forward. That’s what Landesberg Design does. I have worked with many firms over almost 40 years. Landesberg is the best.”

Robert J. Massa, Ed.D.
Vice President for Communications
Lafayette College

“What I like about working with Landesberg is that they don’t put design around narrative content, like a frame around a picture. Rather, they approach clients as partners, make sure they understand the goal and audience for the product, really read—and metabolize—the draft content, and then collaborate to develop a final product in which words and design form a single, inseparable whole. They’re also fun to work with.”

Margaret C. McDonald, PhD, MFA
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences

“When you’re working with a design and marketing firm, you want two things: good results and a smooth process. With Landesberg, you get both — squared. They are delightful, imaginative, strategic partners — and I don’t use that word gratuitously. Kenyon has worked with them for more than 25 years, and I give them a ton of credit for the great bottom-line results we’ve experienced in admissions, especially in recent years. They help us be distinctive and successful. And because of the way they think, they make us better at our jobs.”

Jennifer Delahunty
Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Kenyon College

“Landesberg Design has always recognized how design can be used as a strategic tool to add value to our brand, create meaningful experiences for our audiences and keep our messages clear, consistent and impactful.”

Joan E. Barlow
Design and Brand Manager
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“The Landesberg team understood our challenges, identified the program strengths and delivered a direct mail campaign that we are proud of. This campaign resulted in the largest enrollment and highest quality students in years.”

Rick Bischoff
Vice President, Enrollment Management
Case Western Reserve University

“There are graphic design firms in the world that do a fine job of delivering on our expectations for a project. And then there are the few design professionals at the level of Rick Landesberg and his talented staff, where what is delivered is so much more wonderful than anything we ever expected. They aren’t just designers, they use the elements of design to help us tell our stories better.”

Douglas Root
Director, Communications
The Heinz Endowments

“As Carnegie Mellon University continues to gain global recognition, preserving our brand has become even that much more important. As a trusted partner for many years, Rick and his team at Landesberg Design have helped us to enhance and maintain our identity around the world.”

Bonnie Cersosimo
Associate Vice President for Marketing and Media Relations
Carnegie Mellon University