Allegheny Trail Alliance

Point State Park Medallion

This permanent marker in Pittsburgh’s Point State Park celebrates both the western terminus of the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage Trail and Pittsburgh’s famous Point. The trail ends (or begins) here, between the iconic 100-foot-tall Point Fountain and the confluence of the three rivers. A polished granite band engraved with evocative words surrounds the bronze medallion; both the medallion and the band are set within a large unpolished granite square to create a highly visible signal that you have reached a place of significance.

The medallion’s iconography celebrates the historical importance of The Point: in the 18th century, the collision of Native American, French, and British cultures made The Point one of the most strategic sites in the world. Shown are Fort Pitt (the British presence), Fort Duquesne (the French presence), and a turtle symbol implying the Native American presence in the region. A small GPS marker sits with the medallion.